Here at Auto Care, our goal is to provide our customers with quick and expectational service at each and every visit.

In order to achieve this goal we apply a gas-and-go approach to all vehicle services and plans. Our plan is foolproof! You simply select a vehicle membership plan that is suitable for your budget and then leave Auto Care subsidiaries to manage all your vehicle needs thereafter. This approach removes the stress of car repairs and ensures that your vehicle is always running at optimal performance while significantly minimizing future breakdowns.

Additionally, we are excited to introduce RAM credits (Repair and Maintenance Credits) as an additional money-saving source for you. As you probably already know, auto shops often charge a ridiculous amount for labor costs. So we have created RAM credits as a unique solution. RAM credits offer members significantly discounted rate packages on shop labor hours and are included in all membership plans we offer. The amount of RAM credits included in your plan varies according to the package you select. But don’t worry, when your credits are used up, you can simply purchase more. Also, all RAM credits are 100% transferable and can be applied to your family members, friends, or even your

So, between our carefully curated money saving membership plans, exceptional round-the-clock service, and professional teams, you no longer have to worry about unplanned mechanical problems, costly repairs, or even shop hour constraints.

Contact us today to learn more about what we can offer you and let the savings begin!

Our Mission

We at Auto Care are committed to providing our customers and members with the highest level of professional automotive services and repairs at competitive prices with 100% transparency. We aim to tackle customer anxiety and facilitate win-win scenarios among members, customers, and team members.

Why Us

Auto Care offers a vehicle membership program that delivers great value and superb automotive services. This program is revolutionary in the auto care industry because it presents a worry-free option that saves members significant time and money. Overall, here at Auto Care, we believe a preventative vehicle maintenance approach greatly reduces the chances of vehicle breakdowns and aims to tackle the issue one service at a time.  

Our History

​​Our founder, Nelson Sua, originally had a successful career in construction but decided to enter the used car business with an associate whom he believed had the credentials. After months of struggling and on the verge of losing his investment, Nelson started to think of ways to differentiate himself from his well-established competitors. Through many sleepless nights and countless hours of research, Nelson discovered that there were no vehicle membership plans for car repairs and maintenance. So he continued to refine his unique idea, and when it was finally complete, Nelson met with a patent attorney and filed a provisional patent. When asked how he came up with such a unique idea, he laughed and said, “Stress has always been the motivating factor for my creativity.” Nelson went on to create new services that were simple and effective in providing superior service. He believed the recipe for success was predicated on a company’s ability to help families and save them time and money.​​


Treat our Members & Customers with Aloha! By providing Great Value through Price, Quality, Speed, Availability, Transparency, Expertise and Services.

24/7 One Stop Shop

Auto Care is a full-service one stop shop for all your auto care needs! Any time of the day, any day of the week, you can count on us to service your vehicle.Care


Our mission is to ensure that your vehicle departs from our facility in working order and that it is 100% safe for you and your family.


Our trusted network of industry professionals is committed to ensuring that our level of excellent service is always met and understand our mission and that our members' auto care needs are essential.


We deliver great value to our members via our vehicle membership plans (which offer heavily discounted services), staffing knowledgeable professionals, and making the auto care service and maintenance process 100% transparent.


Our vehicle repair services cover a wide range of maintenance and repair needs, including routine upkeep, diagnostic work, and major repairs. Our team of skilled technicians is dedicated to providing high-quality service and ensuring that your vehicle is running smoothly and safely. 27 Point Inspection included.