A. Within 24 hrs after you join, an auto squad representative will contact you to schedule your appointment via phone or email. In preparation for your appointment, we require that you provide the following: 1. Current Registration 2. Current Safety Check 3. Vehicle is in running condition After these requirements are met, your vehicle will undergo a thorough inspection to identify any preconditions or potential issues that need to be addressed. Following that, repairs needed will be completed at the rate of the plan selected. Example: If you select the Platinum plan then your repair rate will be completed at $50/shop labor hour (RAM Credit). This means that if the necessary repairs total 10 hours, at a $50 rate you will pay $500 for labor.

A. The primary vehicle linked to your membership plan and one additional vehicle.

A. The amount of RAM credits vary depending on your membership package (click here to see our membership packages).

A. If you run out of RAM credits, you can simply buy more and apply them to your account for instant use.


A: One RAM Credit is equivalent to One Shop Labor Hour and is deducted from your membership plan for vehicle repairs.

A. Diagnosing is the process of identifying the cause of a problem, while troubleshooting is the process of finding a solution to a problem. Both processes are important in ensuring that vehicle problems are resolved effectively. Both have separate charges.
A: No but Safety Check, Vehicle Insurance and Vehicle Registration needs to be current.
A. All previous work will be back charged at the current shop labor rate and $250 cancellation fee will be applied

A. Given the large value of savings you receive as a member, taking your vehicle to another shop or repairing the vehicle yourself will result in the voiding of your membership. Mainly since we are unable to ensure the quality of work provided and whether the vehicle malfunction is a direct cause of said work. Unfortunately, in this case, your membership will be automatically revoked, you will be issued a $250 USD cancellation fee, and may be back charged for previously completed work.


A. No, members agree to give us control of all vehicle repairs and maintenance. In exchange, we provide our members with massive savings and out-of-the-box services.


A. Trangine Guarantee is an additional service offered to our Platinum members, after 18 months of membership, that covers transmission and/or engine failures.  As a Platinum member, if your transmission or engine fails and cannot be repaired, it will be replaced with refurbish or new Transmission or Engine at no additional cost to you.  For more information, check the Service TAB.

A. Pit Stops are any quick shop stops. At any time, if your vehicle’s performance is a concern, you can stop by our facility and we will inspect it. Every membership plan is equipped with a certain number of Pit Stop credits and are encouraged to be used whenever you feel necessary.

A. No, our trusted suppliers guarantee their parts to us. Unfortunately, in the past we have experienced members providing faulty vehicle parts, resulting in delayed repairs and additional spending for our customers. To avoid these instances from recurring, all vehicle parts are procured from our trusted suppliers.

A. We are equipped to service all domestic and foreign vehicles.

A. Yes, ALL work is supervised by our master technician.   

A: CarScoop, is a fully insured vehicle Pickup and Return Delivery Service. Simply give us a call or book online and our CarScoopers will pick up your vehicle from work or home drive it to our facility for service and redeliver back to you. When your CarScoop are used up simply use your RAM Credits.
A: Upon joining you will receive a call from one of our team members to schedule your first vehicle inspection.
A: Yes, all new vehicles added to the plan will require an vehicle inspection.

A.Yes. If a vehicle has been heavily modified, there have been band-aid repairs done, or if there is any indication of deceitfulness, such as an engine seal, we reserve the right to reject that vehicle.   In addition if vehicle registration, safety check and insurance are not current.

A: Yes, European vehicles do qualify for our vehicle membership. However, there are a few restrictions. For example, European vehicle memberships are restricted to one vehicle per membership. Additionally, RAM credits are not transferable to other European vehicles and are subject to a fixed $100 per hour (RAM Credit) shop rate from the time of initial inspection repairs.